Why do high-quality dental implants costs less inTurkey?

Why do high-quality dental implants costs less inTurkey?
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Dental tourism has become a widespread industry that grows day by day and many patients are looking for options to travel overseas in order to get a cost-efficient treatment. Turkey is known by far; as one of the most visited countries to get medical and dental operations such as dental implants for international patients.

“Is it a scam?”

The most common dental treatment demand, causing patients to search for other opportunities in foreign countries, is considered as dental implants; they are accepted as the most efficient and durable way to treat cases with missing teeth. This fact alone causes them to be one of the most expensive treatments in the Dental industry. Nevertheless; compared to the USA, Canada and European Countries, Turkey stands out with its affordable yet EU-approved high-quality dental treatments from well-educated & experienced professionals. You may ask, “If it’s that good; why is itcheaper?”. I will explain this furtherly but first;

Why do high-quality dental implants costs less inTurkey?
Dental implants

Let’s understand how this gold standard of tooth replacement works and is valued?

A traditional dental implants has three parts, the fixture, the abutment, and the dental prosthetic which can be a crown or a denture; all together they create a construction that functions like natural teeth.

Dental implants treatments have a variety of kinds such as a single tooth, multiple and full mouth implants; famously known as all on 4 & all on 6 Overall, they are a lifetime investment and arepriced accordingly. (Forbes,2021)

When weighing up the possibility of an implant operation, no case is one like the other and there aremany factors to take into consideration such as your overall health and current oral condition, your jaw bone structure and the possibility of needed bone grafts and sinus lifting operations, etc. These patient-related elements would also apply when estimating the cost of the procedure.

If you are looking for treatment options that include dental implants you should always check with the dental team first to see how much the cost would be for your case individually, you can do that by reaching out to us through our website or social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook). It might be surprising for you when you find out you do not have to give up quality over quantity. You might ask “Alright, sounds good but what is the reasoning behind all this?”. Let me explain.

How come Turkey offers first-class dental implant treatment with affordable pricing?

There are quite a few factors that affect the cost of dental implant operations in Turkey. We can list these as;

.Highly competitive market & labour force

.Currency Difference

.High Demand

.Bulk Purchases

.Local governmental aids for medical tourism companies

Turkey has great potential with its young population and high labour force, this increases the high competitivity in the market; leading to optimization of the costs as well.

Besides, if the currency you are using has a high exchange rate against the Turkish Lira, such as Euros, GBP or USD, you would be simply able to afford more. For example, even though dental implant operations can be still expensive in some cases for local people to afford; it would seem quite cheaper for you especially compared to your local market.

As I mentioned briefly, medical tourism is a highly inquired industry in Turkey and it attracts an incredible amount of patients who seek a top-notch experience that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.This amount of circulation in the market generates an environment for clinics to purchase top-grade materials in high quantities at a low unit price.

Additionally, the local government has noticed the potential of medical and dental tourism;therefore, they legislate benefits and offer initiatives that support entrepreneurs in the industry.This helps private clinics to keep their dental implants treatment prices budget-friendly.

What about the quality dental implants?

All these elements I mentioned above cause a decrease in cost but it does not mean the quality of the work is low; on the contrary, high numbers of patients and seeing cases from all over the worldwhile working with contemporary equipment creates an environment of experience and satisfaction.After all, if you are looking for a clinic to get dental implants you do not have to choose between reasonable pricing and high-grade service, you can have both at DENTHUB.

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