#Turkeyteeth: The Controversy & Our Approach to Dental Treatment

#Turkeyteeth: The Controversy & Our Approach to Dental Treatment
8 June 2023 Admin Admin

For the last couple of years, Turkey is the center for medical tourism for patients who look for cost-efficient dental treatment. This extreme demand grabbed the attention of many entrepreneurs. It also created a foundation for an environment of great competition; especially for dental clinics. Unfortunately, not all who wanted to join this movement are medically focused & patient-oriented. Eventually and inevitably, we started to see news on international media about unsatisfied patients who get dental procedures in Turkey. They stated the main dissatisfaction cause was misdiagnosing & lack of information. These comments were mainly about crown makeovers, famously referred to as “Turkey teeth” on social media.

As DENTHUB, a dental health clinic & company, we focus on our patient’s needs & general well-being. We are aware of the fact that what we are offering has a drastic effect on our patients’ lives. Therefore we take every step with care and precaution. When a patient reaches out to us the first thing we do is to understand their current medical situation, expectations, and knowledge about the treatment options. We engage with a large scale of people who are looking for full-mouth restorations. Many do not know about the differences between veneers and crowns. Some even think that they are the same treatment. Our number one priority is that our patients know the difference between these treatments.

How does dental treatment process work?

When we receive an inquiry, we try to determine what kind of options the patient has. If they need an orthodontics dental treatment from a local dentist; we always inform them about it. The crown makeover option is for patients who are not eligible for veneers & looking to get a one-visit treatment. We always inform the patient about the treatment they are agreeing to. This is a general policy we strongly follow. We are also quite aware that when it comes to health there are no hundred percent guarantees. So we try to minimize the possibility of complications by working with up-to-date tools & high-quality materials. We work with experienced, patient-oriented and well-skilled colleagues.

It is not a secret that in UK, USA and EU countries, dental treatments are highly priced and this is one of the biggest reasons people are looking for other options. But this does not mean that they have to settle for low-quality treatment, there are many reasons why Turkey is able to offer great quality treatments at lower prices – you can check our other entry about this topic here.

Nevertheless, as a company, we acknowledge that dental treatment is a journey and it requires mutual trust and understanding between the patient & institution, receiving medical care in a foreign country is not an easy decision to make so we try to be accessible for our patients in every step of the way in their process including prior, during and post-treatment.

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