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Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extractions are perhaps one of the most common procedures performed by a dentist. You may need to have a tooth pulled either in childhood and adulthood. If this is something that you have never experienced before, though, you may not know too much about the process.

Well, fortunately, a tooth extraction is a fairly straightforward process. As such, it is completely safe for you and will be over before you know it. However, to gain a better understanding of what will take place during this procedure, read about the relevant details below…

Types of Tooth Extractions

There are actually two different types of tooth extractions that a dentist can perform on a patient. These are:

Simple Extraction

This type of extraction is performed on teeth that can be easily seen inside your mouth. As the name suggests, this process is rather simple. The dentist will just have to loosen the tooth before extracting it from the gum line.

Surgical Extraction

Of course, there are some teeth that aren’t quite as easy for dentists to remove. Sometimes a tooth may have broken off at the gum line, keeping a part of it hidden. Or, the tooth may not have erupted at all and may still be buried in the gum. If either of these cases is diagnosed, then the dentist will have to perform a surgical extraction.

Here, the dentist will need to make an incision in the gum so that the tooth can be accessed more easily. There is also a chance that he or she may have to fragment the tooth. This will allow it to be removed in several parts.

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