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Dental Holiday is the combination of affordable dental treatment plus exceptional Istanbul experience. (more regions coming soon) Since you dont need to stay in bed during your treatment process, you can enjoy historical and cultural sites of the chosen city. Sightseeing, shopping, museums, beaches… all at your service! Turkey is certainly among the top 7 medical tourism destinations of the World. While you have advantage of spending 70% less to your treatment, you also have previlige to shop, taste, see, explore with unbelievably cheap prices compared to your home country. It is just very logical to have dreamy glittering smile with DentHub experience. Just book your appointment and flight! Transfers, hotels will be all arranged. Why miss the chance to little spoil yourself? Turkish cuisine, night life, culture, shopping… Turkey is the mosaic of all!


Sahrayı Cedit, Batman Sk. No:18, 34734 Kadıköy/İstanbul
+90 543 368 97 02