The Disappointing Truth About Home Teeth Whitening Kits

The Disappointing Truth About Home Teeth Whitening Kits
8 June 2023 Admin Admin

Everybody wants to have beautiful pearly white teeth right? I bet this is probably how you came across this blog! Perhaps you typed into google ‘How to whiten my teeth’ or ‘Best home teeth whitening kits’.

IAre you weighing up the pro’s and cons between paying for professional teeth whitening? Or the results you may achieve from the home whitening kits? Then you must continue to read this article. It is essential that you fully understand the risks and potential complications. These can occur when attempting to whiten your teeth at home versus attending a professional dental clinic. Sometimes simply attempting to white and brighten your teeth at home can end lead to developing more issues rather than solving any.

Denthub is going to set the record straight on home teeth whitening kits once and for all!

How Do They Work?

Teeth whitening can be achieved through chemical bleaching agents which contain peroxide (the same chemical used to bleach hair).  Or it can be achieved using abrasive kinds of toothpaste.

Home teeth whitening kits over the counter or online are often endorsed and advertised by celebrities and influencers (who have spent their own money on getting their teeth whitened professionally). The irony!

Over the counter teeth whitening kits are subject to any legal requirements and restrictions for health, safety and welfare reasons.  Because of this, the percentage of peroxide in the product is less than 10%, when compared with professional dentists’ prescribed treatments which can be as strong as 40% peroxide. Thus over counter or online kits may not provide you with the results of the look you had in mind when you bought the product.

Understanding The Risks

When teeth whitening is professional, the dentist is monitoring the usage amount of bleaching. This is to ensure that you achieve the best results and the health of your teeth and gums is paramount. It is difficult to monitor this yourself and damaging your gums and increasing tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of over the counter, or home kits. This is a result of overuse from trying to achieve the results shown on the box and advertisements. Due to the very low dosage of peroxide (bleach) in the home kit whitening formula, many people feel they need to repeatedly use the kit more than the recommended amount to try and achieve better results.

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