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The Miracle of Guided Dental Implants

Dentistry is an ever-evolving sector that is filled with innovations and the guided dental implant model is one the latest. As a clinic, keeping up with the latest technology is a never-ending quest for us. The aim is to ensure our patients have the most amazing experience during their treatments and leave here with long-term satisfactory results & big smiles on their faces.

One of the latest and most astonishing improvements in surgical dentistry is “guided dental implant” operations. Let’s see how does this technology work?

How do guided dental implants work? 

Firstly a CBCT scan needs to be taken in order to get an image of the patient’s teeth and jawbone as a 3D dimensional image. Afterward, the dental laboratory uses the image result to create a custom surgical guide model.

This model is placed on the gums to guide the surgeon about the placement of the implants. It would help to ensure that the implantation is done at the correct depth, angle and location.

The advantages of the guided dental implant;

  • With the help of the guided dental implant model, complications are minimalized such as infections and swelling.
  • It allows surgeons to work faster.
  • The healing process is shorter.
  • Bleeding is controlled and minimal since there is no incision into the gums.
  • Since there is no incision there is no need for stitches as well.

What the future holds;

As Denthub we are proud to be moving forward towards this technology, in the following months we are hoping to offer this treatment choice to our patients with the help of our in-house laboratory.

If you are in need of implant treatment we are eager to offer our help with our experienced team of coordinators & medical staff. As always you can contact us with a click!