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Dental Health Tips for “Trick or Treating”

October the 31st is right around the corner with its appealing sweets, and so are Denthub’s dental health tips! Candies & sweets sure taste good and can ease our minds in this spooky season. Especially for children, it is impossible to think about Halloween without trick or treating! As Denthub, we understand the excitement, but we also know how harmful sugar can be for you and your children’s teeth.

Here are some dental health tips for a healthier Halloween ; 

Not all sweets are the same:  

There are many amazing kinds of sweets to choose from, but chocolate might be the best option for your teeth’s sake. Especially dark chocolate is more innocent and it even has an ingredient that hardens teeth enamel. Sticky sweets such as caramel & gummies can stick to your teeth and the sugar can eat away your enamel if it is not cleaned properly.

Know when to eat your sweets:

When we are having meals, our mouths produce saliva to break down food. This can also help with sugar as well. Therefore consuming your “trick or treat trophies” with meals can be beneficial.

Feed your tummy before scaring the monsters:  

If you or your child go out trick or treating with an empty stomach it would not be a surprise to crave every kind of candy you see. It would be wise to eat a meal before going out to collect the good stuff!

You can save some for later: 

Consuming a moderate amount of candy by spreading it over time is better than consuming an excessive amount of candy in one night. This is crucial for not just your oral health but your general well-being as well. Even though it can be challenging but try to save some of your trophies for later.

Hydration is the key: 

Do not forget to drink enough water. Water is not just a healer for our body but also for our teeth as well. It helps with gum problems as well. Stay away from sugary drinks. When teeth are exposed to sugary beverages too often the chance of tooth decay increases rapidly.

Scaring people is tiring but it is not an excuse: 

Going out and collecting candy or going to a party to blow off steam can be fun & tiring but you should not neglect your oral hygiene routines because of it. Especially on a day when you are expected to consume sugary foods. Every extra hour that sugar monsters stay on the teeth they are working their way in.

Do not forget to give your dentist a visit: 

It is extremely important to have regular routine with your dentist. If you have not been to your dentist for some time, a visit after Halloween can be the ideal time. As Denthub, we are here for you if you have any questions regarding your dental health, not just for the Halloween season but all around the year.

“You’re sweeter than a full-size candy bar. Have an amazing Halloween!