The Family of Dental Veneers: Which one is the best for you?

The Family of Dental Veneers: Which one is the best for you?
8 June 2023 Admin Admin

In today’s dentistry, there are many options to consider when you want to renew your smile. Dental veneers are one of the most requested treatment options because of their durable, aesthetical & natural-looking outcomes.

One of the biggest mistake done by patients regarding veneers is to think that it is suitable for everybody. That is not the case at all! Your biting is extremely important, you have to be eligible for dental veneers.  This can only be decided after examining your closure, this can be done online or through a face-to-face consultation.

Once you start looking into it you will realize there are different kinds of dental veneer treatments. The main ones that our patients request mostly are; Laminate Emax, Luminieers and Composite Veneers.

Laminate Emax Veneers

This can of veneers are very thin leave like porcelain material that is fixed to the front surface of your teeth. For this process, we prefer Emax material for optimal results & durability. Our patients request this treatment often because, unlike crowns, dental veneers only require minimal trimming on the surface so the material can be placed strongly.  Because of this; its life expectancy, which is about 12-15 years, is also longer than any other dental veneer treatment.

Emax is the most natural-looking material for this procedure. It is more translucent, reflecting light better than any other material. This creates more natural-looking smiles.


There is a version of veneers that requires no preparation, this fact sounds quite appealing for sure. Lumineers are one of the things that confuse our patients most of the time. The biggest obstacle to this treatment is that the patient must have a “perfect” bite. Unfortunately, Lumineers are not suitable for many patients because of this reason alone. Another challenge is since there is no preparation the holding force of the material might be not the strongest. Their life expectancy is about 2-3 years, lower than laminate Emax veneers. Your biting must be close to perfect for this treatment otherwise you may not have a long-term satisfactory result.


Composite Dental Veneers

Composite veneers are appealing to patients because it is cheaper, that is because they are made from resin, a plastic-like material. The resin is not as strong as Emax or other porcelains. Therefore its lifespan is not very long (about 2 years). Composite veneers or fillings; tend to get discolored faster compared to other materials. . This can be your choice if you are looking for a short-term option.

If you need to know more;

Overall, We believe our patients must know their choices regarding changing their smiles with Dental Veneers. There are many confusing options and they all sound more promising than the other when you check online but one must decide what is best for them. As a clinic, we suggest Laminate Emax Veneers if you are in for durable, aesthetical & natural-looking outcomes. If you have more questions in your mind, you can easily contact us for an online consultation; one of our brilliant coordinators would be happy to help you!

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