Long-Term Maintenance with Dental Implants

Long-Term Maintenance with Dental Implants
8 June 2023 Admin Admin

Maintenance after dental implant treatments requires care & consistency. The final stage for dental implant treatment is crown placement. The crown can be zirconium, metal fused or porcelain; it is meant to function as one of your teeth. This also means that you still need to take care of it so try to follow the aftercare suggestions from your dentist. Once the treatment is complete, here are a couple of things you should pay attention to for long-term maintenance:

● GOOD ORAL HYGIENE: You have to have a good oral hygiene routine. Brushing your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, using Waterpik if necessary. Regular mouthwash can help you to improve things as well.

● MATERIAL CHOICE: Depending on the treatment you had, your dentist would suggest the right brush type for your teeth. Soft to medium toothbrushes are usually ideal after dental implant treatments. Superfloss and Waterpik are ideal to reach areas that are harder to reach with regular flossing habits.

● BETTER EATING HABITS: The material of your new teeth may seem like it is resistant to everything but maybe cracking walnuts with them is not a good idea afterall. They are still teeth-like material, so do not get too adventurous with the things you bite.

NIGHT GUARD: After the treatment, it is quite essential to use your night guard regularly. It is made for protecting your teeth from the damage grinding can cause.

● KEEPING IN TOUCH: Even though the treatment is complete you still need to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning, twice a year would be ideal.

We are here for you;

Dental treatment is a journey that requires mutual trust, and implant treatments are one the longest of these journies. Keeping in touch with your dentist and clinic is essential. As DENTHUB we are there for our patients along the way and beyond. You can always contact one of our dedicated patient coordinators for more information.

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